Re-Roofing your house with metal tiles is a quick and easy process. In many instances Harveytiles can be laid directly over your existing roofing structure. Not only does it solve the problems attributed to your existing roof, Harveytile re-roofing modernizes and adds value to the look of your house as well as gives you all the benefits of tiles.

Harvey Roofing Products have designed their profile to the highest technological global standards, ensuring strength, durability, good looks and easy handling. With the tile mass being so much lighter than conventional tiles, in flexibility and maneuvering, working with our tiles is so much easier, not to mention the time and materials that are saved in the process.


Re-roofing gives your roof added insulation which will keep your building cooler in Summer and warmer in Winter. Sound and acoustics levels will also be improved. The Harvey Roofing Products re-roofing system is maintenance free, which means you do not have the inconvenience of fixing leaks or replacing broken tiles every few years.