Be it a residential, industrial, commercial or an institutional building, roof of any kind of structure is the most important component of a building as it protects its occupants from the external elements. It is also the largest and the most expensive structural component of a building so investing some thoughts and know how in the design and planning of a roof to create an aesthetically pleasing and sound structure that can safely carry the induced loading, while offering acceptable longevity and an attractive appearance for the lifespan of the building is nothing but logical.


So why prefabricated trusses?

  • Trusses are fully engineered structure delivering a practical and versatile roofing solution.
  • Trusses offer a cost effective and speedy solution to roof framing.  When compared with a traditionally built roof, prefabricated trusses will typically deliver considerable material savings often using 40% less timber.
  • The importance of minimizing site waste has never been greater; leading an increasing number of house builders to have a preference to source offsite manufactured building components.  Prefabricated trusses are manufactured offsite, in a factory controlled environment ensuring high quality products are delivered to site with a minimum of onsite work required.