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How long will a new roof last?

The lifetime of a roof depends on several factors including its exposure to natural elements such as sun, rain, humidity, wind, snow, and ice. These conditions will eventually age the roofing components if you have a few roof tiles that are damaged or missing, shortening the lifetime of the roof. Clogged gutters also pose major problems to roofing components. Gutters that do not drain properly will allow rain water to flow back onto the roof underneath good sheeting or tiles possibly rotting the timber. Overflowing gutters will eventually cause problems along the fascia such as paint peeling, mildew, and wood rot.

Inadequate roof ventilation and insulation can also reduce the lifetime of roofing components. Without sufficient ventilation, extreme temperature variations between the roof of the home and the outdoors will cause an expansion and contraction of roofing components

Depending on the selection of roofing components, new roofs are given a 30 year to limited lifetime warranty system. You must choose an approved applicator that is certified to install materials according to manufacturer roofing guidelines in order to meet the requirements of their warranty.

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